ectoids of SEO 1

The eiders of SEO are no longer upon us. Finally, the internet is free to offer you everything you want. On the plus side, it is simply amazing how you can use the internet and just about everything else too. Two recent, most significant announcements that have everyone talking are Google Authorship and Google Form.

Google Authorship

Have you ever been seeing the link at the top of your browser and when you click on it, it gives you a random quote from a real person? This is a great way to get out there in cyberspace. If you are a writer, you can use this to get your ezine out there. Every time you put your content on the internet, there is a chance someone will reproduce it. If you have written an article, there is a chance they will link it to your site.

Google has been taking great care to give what is called “authority links” to those who spend time and money getting them. This is not that hard. You just have to give yourself time to build up your Authorship. Google makes you wait 2 weeks to start getting these ezines out there. Now, Google is making a more recent change. Google Authorship just got added. This will help solve the problem of getting duplicate content indexed. It is a link from one Google document to another. Each time you get Authorship,Google will try to use the link to try and get the Know Me tool to give weight to the content on the author’s site. If you have never heard about it, then I highly recommend giving it a try.

Google has given you 6 sites to get you to give yourself votes. Here is the list:

There are plenty of other sites out there that are considered “authority sites” by Google. Just search “authority link checker” and you will find a number of them.

Now, once you have already gotten these links, you will need to get a few more so that Google will count them. However, please note, the sites linking to you need to be related to your market. Just throw a few links out there and let the search engine algorithms worry about it (not so)much.

You can go to other websites and ask them to place your link on their site. The higher the ranking in the search engines, the better it is for you. Just be careful and don’t go overboard. What you want is good-quality links from related sites. These links are out there and available to you. Only please, do not try to fool the search engines.

You can go to this website, “Link Grow”, and sign up to be a member. They will provide you with useful services and tools they think you will need. sign up today and start adding your sites and your links to your site. Pretty soon, you can tell how your website is doing. It will not take long and the results will amaze you.